Silent Auction


Jerseys worn during the 2022-23 season will be made available for Marksmen fans via Silent Auction behind section 125. Please see the rules below:

  • The Silent Auction will open once the doors to the arena open and will close at the end of the 2nd intermission.
  • If you wish to bid on a jersey, write your name, phone number, and your bid on the next line on the page.
  • You must place your bid according to the minimum bid increment listed on the bid sheet.
  • All bids placed are final – do not place a bid if you are not willing to purchase the jersey for the bid amount you place.
    • If multiple bids are placed within the last five (5) minutes of the auction closing, each of those bidders will be able to take part in ‘OVERTIME’
    • During an ‘OVERTIME’ session, all eligible bidders will be asked to write down their highest bid amount, with the largest bid being declared a winner for that amount (all amounts must be higher than the standing bid)
  • If you have won the bid,  you will have 10 minutes to claim your winning bid.
    • If the winner fails to show up within 10 minutes, or payment is not received, the next highest bid placed will automatically be named the winner (same process to claim)