If you wish to buy tickets for your dog to attend the game with you, please navigate to the ticket link below.

Have a small dog that you’d like to participate in the Marksmen Small Dog Races during intermission? Use the form at the bottom of this page to get them registered!



If you plan on bringing your furry friend to the game, you must purchase a ticket from the ticketing link below in either section 217, 218, and 219. Animals will not be allowed around the arena bowl, and must stay up in sections 217-219, or on the 2nd floor concourse behind those sections. BOTH animals AND their owners must have a game ticket in 217-219 to have access into the game.

Once you arrive to the arena, you will need to enter the building through the WEST Entrance. Admission will NOT be allowed for animals at the main entrance. It is recommended that you park in the west parking lot for direct access to that entrance. When you arrive to the entrance doors, you will need to check-in your animal by turning in the waiver. A waiver may be sent to you electronically prior to the game, or you can fill one out when you arrive. Please see additional details regarding bringing your animals to the game:

By purchasing a ticket to the game, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. My animal is up-to-date on all vaccines
  2. My animal must be well-behaved
  3. My animal must be kept on a leash at ALL TIMES
  4. I will be responsible for any harm/damage my animal commits while attending the game
  5. I am responsible for any clean-up needed for mess made by/caused by my animals

Other details:

  1. There will be hydration stations on the upper concourse behind the seats
  2. You will be able to take your animal outside for ‘relief’ – you’ll receive a wristband at ‘check-in’

If you already purchased game tickets in a different section and need to exchange to sit in the dog sections, or if you have any additional questions about Pucks & Paws Weekend, please call (910) 321-0123.

Small Dog Race Registration

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