Season Ticket Holder Policy Regarding Cancelled Games

Marksmen Season Ticket Holders, the below form is for your usage to be able to decide the next step of resolution on the 2019-2020 Season, and it’s heartbreaking way of ending. As our boisterous, loyal, and committed fans, your support of the Fayetteville Marksmen in these financially difficult times is dire to the continuation and future of our proud organization. Losing six home games as an ending to our season is critically-damaging to the financial stability of our franchise, with expected losses in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a veteran-owned, family-operated small business, our organization is more than aware of the sacrifice and dedication it takes every single day to provide the best in sports and sports entertainment at an affordable price. Our staff tirelessly works year-round to constantly improve the quality of our product, on and off the ice, to make the Marksmen the absolute best in family-fun and affordability. This is not possible, and purposeless, without Season Ticket Holders to bolster our foundation, and to commit their time during the season alongside ours.

We are relying now more than ever on the support and backing of our Season Ticket Holders to ensure that this franchise has the necessary needs to be able to continue. Though the circumstances are lamentable, we are readily working to weather the storm, and continue the success and proud tradition of Marksmen Hockey in the All-American City. Together, we will continue to rise to the top of the Southern Professional Hockey League, and stand together as one Marksmen Hockey Family.

For requests to be honored, this form must be filled out by April 1. The reason for this hard-date is to have a cost certainty of the exact financial position our organization is in.

If there are any questions regarding options, policy, or our franchise, please call the Marksmen Office at (910) 321-0123.