Rebranding Q&A

Fayetteville, N.C- Following the rebranding of the team, team owner, Chuck Norris, and team President, Jeff Longo, took some time to answer some of the frequently asked questions concerning the Marksmen.



What prompted the decision to create a new brand?

The ownership group wanted to create a fresh brand that closely mirrors the local identity of Fayetteville and Cumberland County. The organization feels the new team name represents the personality, people and characteristics of the people who live here and will foster a feeling of ownership for our fans.


What will be different about the new ownership’s business approach?

The ownership group brings both decades of business acumen in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas as well as an equivalent amount of time in the senior ranks of the professional hockey business.

The team aims to be a community asset that provides the absolute best entertainment in town and is focused on improving the in-game experience from the time fans enter the parking lot to when they exit the building at the end of the night.

The team will engage in a multi-faceted integrated marketing approach aimed at expanding our fan base beyond the traditional hockey fan.

The organization’s mission will be to become a top community asset that supports local non-profits that have meaning to our fans.  The team will create and foster civic pride and contribute to an improved quality of life and entertainment for the region.


How do you define community asset?

A community asset is designed to enrich the lives of constituents.   The team is an entertainment entity focused on providing an evening of fun to families, companies and individuals.   It aims to provide a platform to assist non-profit groups with the ability to raise a tremendous amount of money and exposure with a turnkey program.

The hockey team will work to maximize the Crown Coliseum as a community entity and will contribute to the economic development of the facility, by offering public skates and youth and adult hockey league opportunities.


How will ticket prices be affected?

Tickets will range from $12 to $25 with the team providing value-added incentives to appeal to a wider fan base. Season ticket prices have remained unchanged.  Season ticket holders will always receive the greatest value including a plethora of new benefits like our new 12-month payment plan, discounted food and beverage, and unmatched access to our players, coaching staff and front office personnel.  As part of our constant desire to create new experiential areas to enjoy hockey at the crown coliseum, the team is developing several VIP on-ice suites.


Meaning of name?

Marksmen personifies skill, precision, proficiency and is an attainable rank within the hockey team and the community as a whole, while honoring the history of Fayetteville and appealing to the military demographic.

Matched with the clear parallels between a Marksmen and the hockey club, the team name provides us an opportunity to be more engaging with our fans via unique and creative community initiatives, as well as provides unique marketing opportunities for our partners.

All in all a Marksmen is a part of a unit of skilled valuable assets to a team. It’s a badge of honor that is worn proudly, by the team, the fans, and our community.


Meaning of logo/fox?

The fox identifies with the Marksmen, as it is indigenous to the area, but is also wild, cagy, and ferocious-characteristics showcased on the ice. And, much like the team, the fox exhibits a softer, cuddly side for kids, school events, and non-profit atmospheres. With the community involvement, our mascot will be a role model for kids in Fayetteville, and helps bring attention to fundraising initiatives and provides entertainment at each and every game.


How long would the Marksmen be committed to play at Crown Coliseum under the terms of the proposed agreement?

The agreement will be for 5 years with a five-year option


What changes will the community see immediately in terms of front office staff?

Our organization believes that fan support is a two-way street that is earned through the creation of new entertainment initiatives and full support of existing initiatives.  In addition to an engaged and involved set of owners, the staff has more than doubled in size since the end of the season with the majority of the new positions being focused on marketing, game day entertainment, social media initiatives and community relations.   This increased staff size will allow the team to deliver first-rate customer service and develop personalized relationships with fans and partners.


From a fan perspective, what do you think would be the biggest benefit of new ownership/brand/logo?

The biggest change in how we move forward will be the concerted effort to appeal to a larger group of potential fans which will create an arena environment with more energy that improves the entertainment experience for fans and the overall experience for players.  The overall fan experience will create the best possible sports entertainment value for families, individuals and businesses to enjoy themselves and connect with the organization.


Are you worried about losing brand loyalty after changing a brand that has enjoyed great support over the past 15 years?

The organization certainly understands and shares the love of the FireAntz brand and are proud of our FireAntz history.   The team would not be able to move forward without the efforts of the FireAntz organization and its ability to grow the game of hockey in the area.


The new brand signals a different mentality that will more fully represent the Fayetteville community as a whole.

The organization is confident that our commitment to providing the best possible entertainment value and experience and that this move would renew our promise of keeping hockey in Fayetteville for the near future and beyond. The exciting, close-knit atmosphere, affordable fun will allow fans of all types to enjoy hockey for years to come, as well as unique marketing opportunities for our partners and fundraising efforts.

What kind of support have the Marksmen received from local government organizations?

The support of the board of directors from Cumberland County and the Crown Coliseum has been nothing short of spectacular.   Both groups have been energetic in supporting our plans to reenergize the team in town and have worked tirelessly to help ensure our success.