Sky Deck

Sky Deck

 The Sky Deck sits on top of the 200 level above section 217. This party deck was designed with groups in mind, and is the ultimate way for parties to have a place to be above the action and among themselves. Private experience with a unique view of the game.
  • All-you-can-eat buffet
  • Private bathrooms
  • Private entrance
  • Seats Included
  • Buffet runs from the time Doors Open until end of the 2nd Period


Sky Deck reservation comes with seats for game. Pricing is based off seating location with Sky Deck buffet included in price.

    • Endzone(25+ people): $25/person
    • Center(25+ people): $30/person

For inquires or to reserve your suite, please email or call the Marksmen Office at (910) 321-0123